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About Us


Munawwarah Design Sdn Bhd (Munawwarah®) 572244-v is a pioneer in Muslim Lifestyle Apparels. Established in 1992, it is now a renowned provider of a comprehensive range of lifestyle apparels and accessories.  

Its products range from Womenswear to Menswear, Haj and Umrah apparels and accessories, Tudungs/Hijabs, Children’s clothing as well as Clothes of Worship.  With a wide range of product offerings, it is a One Stop Shopping Centre for men and women of various lifestyles.  Whether it be the busy and energetic working man and woman, the caring but hardworking supermum, the budding student, or the stylish lady, Munawwarah has the product which caters to the various styles and needs of the individual.


The company is helmed by its Founder, Designer and CEO, Dato’ Tuan Hasnah Tuan Yusoff for the past 20 odd years.  

Together with her young talented and dynamic team, the company has grown from a home based business to a full fledged lifestyle center with over 7 departments offering thousands of products catering to the young and old.

The team comprises:

- Dato' Tuan Hasnah [Designer, CEO]

- Haslina Mohd Ali [COO & Marketing Director]

- Hazmi Mohd Ali [Branding Director]

 - Shamsul Rizal Ghazalli [Logistics Director]

Sri Munawwarah Design was recently awarded Best SME Brand in Muslim Lifestyle Apparel 2014 by the Brand Laureate.