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Brand Leadership Award Brand Laureate 2016-2017

Haslina Mohd Ali Munawwarah Malaysia News & such

Alhamdulillah, Dato' Tuan Hasnah our Founder and CEO of Munawwarah Design Sdn Bhd was awarded the Brand Leadership Award 2016-17 by the SMEs Best Brand Laureate. Our 25th year in business - passionate commitment to serve the community and society. Thank you for all the support and love from all our customers and supporters. 

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Special in our Outlets

Haslina Mohd Ali Offers Sales

Salam all, Besides the upgrade of member discount to 30% as updated earlier,  we are also launching our 25th year anniversary Offers...starting with this great 2 for RM50 for our printed tudungs. Many pieces to choose from till the end of 2017..while stocks last. So don't wait too long. Online - a selection of these tudungs are at a fantastic price of RM30 do check it out... We are doing regular updates on our FB page its best that you follow us and keep on checking on our page. Our no 16 outlet is temporarily do drop...

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Membership Discount Upgrade in Outlets..

Haslina Mohd Ali

Members get 30% discount!!!! Jom!

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Haslina Mohd Ali Fashion Event Islamic Fashion MISIFF 2015 Munawwarah Malaysia

Munawwarah Design Sdn Bhd is a pioneer in Muslim Lifestyle Apparels founded by Dato’ Tuan Hasnah Tuan Yusoff. Established in 1992, it is now a renowned provider of a comprehensive range of lifestyle apparels and accessories.


Its products range from Womenswear to Menswear, Haj and Umrah apparels and accessories. Tudungs/Hijabs, Children’s clothing as well as Clothes of Worship. With a wide range of product offerings, it is a One Stop Shopping Centre for men and women of various lifestyles. Wether it be busy and energetic working man and woman, the caring but hardworking supermom, the budding student, or the stylish lady, Munawwarah has the product which caters to the various styles and needs of the individual.


Sri Munawwarah Design was awarded Best SME Brand in Muslim Lifestyle Apparel 2014 by the Brand Laureate.





Contact Number: 019-3388244

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Perjalanan Haji.....

Haslina Mohd Ali Accessories Haji Hajj & Umrah Konsultant umrah Pakaian Umrah

Setiap tahun kami akan menghadapi situasi jemaah haji yang last minute dapat offer atau rayuan diterima untuk mengerjakan ibadah haji. Teringat pada tahun 1990...mummy Dato Nah Munawwarah pun tiba-tiba dapat gi haji. padahal masa tu..takde duit, takde ilmu...akaun tabung haji takde. Tapi keinginan nak sangat pergi haji tu sampai tak boleh duduk diam. Long story shorten....dalam masa less then a week...duit ada dan tempat dapat. Blur kejap. Nasib baik dia tahu menjahit - buat baju sendiri - dan pergi bersama kawan dan ustaz yang memang menjaga hal ehwal jemaah beliau. much to learn and so much unprepeared. Mummy pulang dengan nekad untuk...

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