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Ihram Pantsuit for Ladies - Grey

Ihram Pantsuit for Ladies - Grey


The Munawwarah Ladies Ihram is a classic and evergreen 2-piece design dating back to 1990.

Tested and proven to be comfortable and versatile to be worn while performing ibadah. 


Features of the 2 piece Grey Ladies Ihram

* 70% cotton 30% polyester ( less crease and easy to wash & dry)

* Front zip

* Elasticised cuffs

* Large pockets

* Long modest length - worn mid calf.

* Pants with elasticised waistband and comfy baggy cut


Model is wearing a size S with matching Light Grey Iriesya Knit TTDX Munawwarah

and Black Long Socks. Sold separately.


For Ladies Ihram Pantsuit sizing guide click here.

Additional RM20 for Size XXL.


** Colour will slightly differ due to fabric production, lighting and computer resolution.

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