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Tudung/Hijab Ameera

A Munawwarah original since 2001…the Munawwarah Ameera Hijab is indeed one of the bestsellers in our stores.

Featuring the special Munawwarah "awning" or cap on the front of the Readymade Tudung or Hijab made from the same material as the tudung body or from Lycra.The design is natural and not a hard caplike structure.

With up to 70 plain lycra colours and more then 50 patterned fabrics, the Ameera comes in many lengths and designs. 

Face Size is very important, so in case you are unsure, get a bigger size and adjust the size with a small brooch.


Remember codes for tudung/hijab lengths and designs!!!
TT = Tudung T = tummy length
TTS = Tudung T Small = chest length
TTLl = Tudung T Lining = neck length
ST = Selendang T = specially designed for multiple styling
TTX = Tudung T Extra length = 2 inches longer then Tudung T
TTD = Tudung T Dagu = tummy length with extra covering for chin
TTDX = Tudung T Dagu Extra Length = longer length and chin covering