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Munawwarah Tudung Iriesya


Munawwarah's unique soft awning for our ready made hijabs is named "Iriesya".
Choose from a variety of combinations, length and designs.
Plain, floral and graphic designs.
Face size is very important to ensure comfort. If unsure, opt for a bigger size and adjust the face with a brooch or small pin.



Remember codes for tudung/hijab lengths and designs!!!
TT = Tudung T = tummy length
TTS = Tudung T Small = chest length
TTLl = Tudung T Lining = neck length
ST = Selendang T = specially designed for multiple styling
TTX = Tudung T Extra length = 2 inches longer then Tudung T
TTD = Tudung T Dagu = tummy length with extra covering for chin
TTDX = Tudung T Dagu Extra Length = longer length and chin covering